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Refresh and Renew is only possible because of our amazing & dedicated volunteers! If you're interested in joining our team, please read our policies and fill out the form below!

Refresh & Renew On-Site Policies

Our mission statement here at Refresh & Renew is "Refreshing the Body to Renew the Spirit". Our goal is to provide radical hospitality to the homeless youth and adults in our community. We provide showers as one step in enabling our guests to find dignity and hope in their lives. You are the face of hope, care and compassion.

Important things to do:

  1. When talking to our guests, make it about them. Show them you care.

  2. We want to ask questions, such as "How are you doing?". Proceed to listen and give them a chance to speak.

  3. If questions or concerns arise about a guest or the process, ask one of the On Site Directors.

  4. Be at your duty station on time

  5. Wear appropriate clothing, including your volunteer shirt. No open toes shoes allowed.

  6. Wear sterile gloves at all times when being exposed to non sanitized areas and be sure to change them periodically.

Important things we do not do while volunteering with Refresh & Renew:

  1. Never take pictures of the guests

  2. Never offer guests'any amount of money

  3. Never allow guests to use your personal phone 

  4. Never give any personal information about yourself or another team member to guests (phone number, address, place of employment, etc.)

  5. Never accept anything from guests

  6. Never pry for information

  7. Never touch guests' belongings

  8. Never give guests' a car ride

In response to the pandemic, all volunteers must be fully vaccinated

with a COVID-19 vaccination. By volunteering with Refresh & Renew,

you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.  

By proceeding to submit an application below, you are certifying that you agree and

understand the policies and rules stated above. 

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