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“With exceptional volunteer leadership, a cadre of dedicated workers, and a compelling mission, Refresh & Review is an important cog in our community’s efforts to assist our homeless population while also working to reduce homelessness.  As a Board member of the HEDCO Foundation that provided the shower unit, I continue to enthusiastically endorse their important work.  Jim Appleton, President Emeritus, University of Redlands.”

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We are honored to collaborate with Vern Hoffs and his Refresh and Renew team working on our campus once a week providing showers for the homeless people who show up at Family Service.  Every week, with vision and tenacity, the friendly and approachable volunteer team comes equipped with all of the tools and resources to do their jobs and provide this important service with little or no assistance from the outside.  We are grateful for the Refresh and Renew team as we continue to fight hunger and homelessness in our community.


Kyra Stewart, M. Ed/ Executive Director
Family Service Association of Redlands
909-793-2673 ext.111

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To whom it may concern:


I am one of the owners here at Redlands Print & Design.  This is a legitimate organization that provides showers and hygiene items.  We thank them for their service to the community and we would encourage other companies to lend a hand to them as well.  We fully support their mission.


Thank you,

Earl Luevano

To Whom It May Concern:


It is with pleasure I recommend Vern Hoffs and his staff of Refresh & Renew.  

Vern's Vision and heart to help homeless and others with the mobile shower unit & free haircuts

is exciting.  What a practical and needed service!

Your operation is first class! After touring one of your shower units I was amazed how spotless &

well thought out your service is to those in need.

Our community is well served by Refresh & Renew and I support and applaud your team of committed volunteers.  Enclosed is my donation to help you create a promotional video.




Barbara L. Rozema


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My name is Brian Seghers and I am a small local business owner. I have been working with Refresh and Renew since they took the showers to the streets and I believe that it has had a positive impact on our city while instilling pride back into individuals by giving them the opportunity to do something as simple as taking a shower. Once people feel clean it then gives them confidence to hopefully seek out other resources available to them to get their lives on track.



Brian Seghers

"The Redlands Charitable Resource Coalition, a social service and charitable aid collaborative of over 50 agencies and non-profits, is honored and privileged to acknowledge and endorse the tremendous work of the Refresh and Renew homeless outreach ministry here in our community. Through the able leadership of Rev. Vern Hoffs and his team of dedicated volunteers, hundreds of unhoused residents are being provided with the opportunity to get clean and stay clean - and cleaner people mean cleaner streets. A win-win for us all!"

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